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  • Stationery

    Do I need to have a logo to get stationery designed & printed?

    Not necessarily, although we highly recommend it, as the logo is used as an anchor for the rest of your brand and will help us create an effective product for you and your business. If you don’t currently have a logo, then have a look at our logo design packages.

    What will my logo look like?

    We aim for unique and impressive! A logo is designed to graphically represent your business and to have a good logo it should be simple, visual, target your audience and be relevant. Please view our samples to get an idea of our approach.

    Can I provide feedback on the design of the stationery?

    Yes. This is where we really pride ourselves, we won’t just give you a design and say goodbye. It is important to us that you walk away with a product you're happy with and a product that is highly effective for your business.

    During the ordering process you have the option to choose a package with a set amount of revisions. Once we send your initial design options we will contact you for your feedback (depending on the amount of revisions included within your package).

    At what size is the stationery printed?

    Business Cards – 90mm x 55mm
    Letterheads – A4 (210 x 297mm)
    Compliment Slips – DL 99mm x 210mm

    If you wish to change these dimensions then please contact us directly during working hours for special requests.

    Is printing full colour?

    Yes. All your stationery will be printed at a full 4 colour process on a quality stock.

    I want to use my current logo?

    That’s fine. We are more than happy to use your existing logo provided you are able to supply the original files or vector artwork. If the logo is of a low quality then we won’t be able to use it.